Busy time.

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Busy gaming times recently.

Saturday I went down to visit a friend and we broke out Force on Force. We played 3 games, 2 missions for the Enduring freedom book and one from the Road to Baghdad. The games from Enduring Freedom were one win and one lose for the coalition forces, which I played. Game one saw the delta operators all taken out when I mistakenly split my 6 men into 2 man teams a bit too early.

Game two went better for the Rangers and the crew of the downed chinook helicopter they were defending. One 4 man element seemed to be invulnerable, ending the game with one lightly wounded member despite getting shot by over half the Al Qaeda forces available shooting at them.

Game Three was a bit of white wash for the US Marines advancing towards a port. A misreading of the rules didn’t give the defenders the hidden status they needed to have a chance and had all been captured or taken out of action by turn 5.

Really enjoying Force on Force. A nice set of rules once you get to grips with the whole reaction system. Tense games that tend to be closer than you realise the scenarios aren’t all about killing the enemy.

Last night saw the penultimate round of the Journeyman league locally. 2 35 point games with the battle box required but caster swap allowed and kill box in effect.

However the focus now shifts to Epic, with the Epic-UK GT this coming weekend. I’m taking black legion for the first time in a year so fortuitously I’ve got a warm up game with a friend tomorrow. I like it when a plan comes together.

Game one I was up against Ian with Trollbloods. He’d decided to go with Gunnbjorn and quite a shooty list. What with the choir and Croe’s cutthroats as my infantry I was able to whittle down his 2 infantry units without taking much damage, helped when both units failed moral checks on turn 2. Game was up when Ian didn’t feat and Kreoss was able to feat to knock-down Gunnbjorn, the Vanquisher did the rest.

Game two was a match up vs Martyn and Epic Butcher. Really quick game as Martyn was rather to aggressive with the butcher, allowing Eiryss to disrupt him turn 1, and once he’d been knocked down turn 2 the repenter, vanquisher and one charging cinerator finished the job. Had I remembered to allocate focus the cinerator may not have been needed!

I’ve enjoyed the experience playing warmachine and menoth, but I do miss the speed and tricks of legion! One final game next week and I’m up against Minion gators. Got wrasslered last time so will need to avoid that this time.


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