Epic UK GT.

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So the weekend just gone saw the annual 2 day end of season bash that is the Epic-UK GT.

Only 10 this year due to some clashes with birthdays and the like but a fun event as every.

When the lists came in it looked like I would be one of four tyranid players so I opted to switch out to balance the races a bit, and settled on Black Legion. As it happend one other nid player had to drop out so we ended up with 2 Ork, 2 Tyranid, 2 Eldar, 2 Black Legion, 1 Codex Marine and 1 Steel legion player. Nice spread of armies.

Game One – Simon White – Tyranids

So nids up game one :). Simon had gone with the brute swarm approach so a bit different to my approach with nids. But my experience of them activating (failing more than the succeed) carried over to Simon and he failed a lot of activations throughout the game. When one assault wiped out his BTS when he stood a reasonable chance of winning the game was up and I managed to take a 3-1 victory in 3 turns.

Game Two – Dave Thomas – Ulthwe

So Dave T yet again. Dave’s list was pretty tough, and the fact he failed nearly half his activations turn one actually turned out to be pretty good for him. My units were chewed up over the course of turn 2 and 3 and by the end I decided I’d let him have a 2-0 win in three turns. I could have made the game go into turn 4 but the chances are I’d have lost 4-0 and ended up with less tournament points.

Game Three – Mark Preston – Steel Legion

Mark was a late replacement so thanks to him for evening up the numbers. When he advanced his warlord towards my lines I guess he really didn’t expect me to shoot at it much, so I did. It spent most of the game without void shields and one wound, but did little in return as Mark elected to marshall rather than be more aggressive. I also managed to break the tank company early on for it never to rally, so that was a big chunk of marks army not doing too much. Still I wasn’t able to do much to the rest of the army and after 4 turns of tough fighting the game ended in a draw.

Game Four – Andy Harris – Codex Marines

This was a brutal game with neither side having many toys on the table at the end. Andy managed to weather the experience in the better position, critical-ling one of my ferals when it tripped up in some woods it tried to hide in, truly a game of none average dice, good or bad for both sides was the order of the day.

Game Five – Bye

Unfortunately Mark P had to drop out as he had some trouble at home so I got a bye which is counted as a 2-0 win in 3 turns. Actually was a godsend as I had a thumping headache and used the time to get the data entered into the championship database šŸ™‚

Once the final games finished I found myself in 4th place, and tied in the vote for most sporting, where I sportingly didn’t win the roll off šŸ™‚

A fun weekend with a great group of players as always. So back to nids next year or get one of the bare metal armies into shape… no rush for Feb is there!


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