Journey complete

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last night saw the conclusion of the Journeyman Warmachine league I’ve been taking part in at Wargames Workshop new store in Milton Keynes.

It was 35 points with my pKreoss facing up against Barnabas in a mirror feat match. Well sorta mirror as I’d brought along the Covenant of Menoth for its ‘you can’t knock me down ability’ which did put Barnabas on the back foot a bit.

The game ended up in a draw as time ran out. I had a good chance to win had I remembered to allocate focus when Barnabas was on the floor but oh well.

Overall I wasn’t last, just nearly last :). Fun times but I’ll be happy to get the legion our next time I play warmachine. I’m just a lot more comfortable with the fury mechanic, and as my Menoth force is small it doesn’t really lend it self to regular play.


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