Good bye 2012… onwards into 2013

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

So that’s another year of gaming done and dusted. I had intended for 2012 to be a more ‘historical’ year or gaming. However Warmachine/Hordes and Blood bowl managed to dominate the year.

That said I did manage to play some games of Kampfgruppe Normandy and Force on Force, which lead to 2 new WWII armies (15mm and 20mm) and some extra models to fill out my 16th Air Assault force for… force on force. Even got some of the Brits painted!

Epic remained strong and attended a fair few tournaments and my results improved by playing a single race for all but one event, either that or tyranids are broken, take you pick πŸ™‚

So gaming wise what do I see for 2013? Well, more of the same I should imagine. I’ll be attending Full Scale Assault in Feb, the traditional one day opener to the EpicA championship year. I’ll take something other than Nids I think, but that means 6 weeks to get an army painted…. maybe it will nids πŸ™‚

I plan on going to some local events at Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes. To that end I’ve bowed to the inevitable and orders some Malifaux figures. Hordes event in a couple of weeks then Malifaux in March should allow me to take fully painted forces to both.

And on that note I come to what I expect to be my largest challenge for the year. I want to commit to playing with at least 75% painted armies in all the games I play by June this year. Now I don’t really get a lot of enjoyment out of painting, but I have far to much unpainted stuff that I want to play, and without some goal to aim at they will stay that way. The other part of this is to continue to clear out models I no longer use, or will be likely to use.

So another busy year of gaming ahead of me. Using both armies I already have and come May the excitement of my only kick starter purchase to date, Relic Knights. Though that means even more painting… it truly never ends 😦


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