And so it begins…

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve managed to do pretty well with my gaming magpie tenancies in the past week, playing 3 different games from widely different genres.

Game one saw my Legion take on troll-bloods in a 25 point Hordes encounter. We played the steamroller 2012 incursion scenario, and with the inevitable middle flag disappearing it looked tricky for either side to win by scenario. That said both sides gave it a go and I was 2-1 up when I had the chance to charge an angelius into calandra and that was all she wrote. AP vs troll casters on medium bases almost feels dirty… well almost due to stupid star crossed. This was a good run out for the list I’ll be using in 2 weeks time at the Guardians of Tyr tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.

Game two was an introduction to new set of ancient rules for me, War & Conquest. Written by Rob Broom, ex WHH they have been called WAB as it should have been by many. I have to say I enjoyed the game, even if my tactics were totally shocking. What on earth I was thinking as my Romans walked slowly towards the massed shooting of the Persians across the field of battle. They should have been using their drilled ability to rapidly close the distance and force a fight. The rules themselves played very smoothly, and I glad to say the only real thing they keep from WAB is single figure removal. Really looking forward to getting more games of this in during they year.

Game three was a game of Force on Force using the Mutay I scenario from Enduring Freedom supplement. I was playing the Brits who had to secure an LZ and then link up with another platoon in a compound on the other side of the board. No other words to describe this other  than a disaster. I achieved neither objective and managed to lose of half the forces under my command 😦 Still a fun game and I want to make FoF a game I play more than twice a year for sure.

I picked up the Malifaux stuff I ordered and now I have the rules again I’ll be looking to get some small games going on vassal to get to grips with game and my new master McMourning.


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