No more Heresy…

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, in general I’ve been buying and reading the Horus Heresy books as they have been published, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed over half of them.

However in light of this article – I shan’t be purchasing any more novels from the black library.

I understand and acknowledge that GW have a right and duty to protect their trade marks, but Space Marine? Marines in Space… nope don’t think I can support them on that one.

Will they care? Nope, I expect not. My spend is a drop in their financial puddle but having stopped buying models/paint etc. from them, books were my final funding of GW.

So goodbye GW, was a fun ride while it lasted. And should I want to write stories about superhuman men battling forces across the galaxy they will be grenadiers, not marines.

  1. Phil says:

    Reblogged this on The Shell Case and commented:
    Sad news from Mephiston’s Wargaming Blog, but I totally understand where he’s coming from.

  2. Came here from Phil’s Shell Case. I have mixed feelings about this decision of yours.

    On the one hand it smacks of an over-reaction. GW is trying to establish a broader claim to the “space marine” brand based on the principle that the expression had, over the past 20 years become increasingly embedded with their public image. That isn’t exactly their fault. If they had known how big 40k was going to be at the outset, then they’d used a less generic term, and their success does mean that some people are taking advantage of the “space marine” image add presented by GW as a convenient literary shorthand. In that context, they are both morally and commercially justified in trying to extend protection, not of the term, but of the term as it serves to describe a particular iteration of the concept. Of course, I have no idea if that applies in this case and, frankly, I suspect the author has – sensibly – used the situation to her advantage to promote the (still available) digital edition. It is, frankly, win-win. However, GW is an IP bully, and their legal team tends too shoot first and ask questions later and if that puts you of the whole company, that’s your call.

    On the other hand, there is a universe – in fact, several universes – of awesome games out there. Quite apart from the big dogs of Privateer Press, Corvus Belli, Wyrd Games and Battlefront, there are dozens of other fab companies making great products. I could list a hundred games you would enjoy as much or more than anything GW ever published. Once you cast off the Lenton-shaped blinkers, it’s a rich and exciting world of games out there!

    • mephistonag says:

      I’ve been gaming since 1982, and so far this year I am yet to play a game by GW, that will change Saturday when I attend my first Epic Armageddon tournament of 2013.

      I play a wide variety of games, across all genres.

      My post simply states that I am cutting my last financial link to GW, their books. I’ve not bought a model from GW for years, and paint for nearly a year.

      As I said I understand the need for them to protect their trademarks, but this isn’t a fight they should be picking up, in my opinion.

      So I’ve taken the option open to me and will be voting with my wallet. Plenty of other gaming companies for me to spend on, Ambush Alley games likely to be the next recipient with their new supplement for the excellent Force on Force game.

  3. If you think about the wider implications, their legal teams probably aren’t on minimum wage either, sending these frivolous and over the top cease and desists is just one of the reasons why their plastic crack costs too damn much!

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