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A valid and well argued counterpoint, I’m still not buying any more Black Library though 😉

Nerds To Do List

[Blog Update 2-8-2012: Thanks to a smart Twitter user pointing out a few flaws, we’ll call him “EdG”, I discovered a few things I should update to clarify my post. Thanks, EdG! I promise this time I did at least 20-minutes of research =)  Though, if I may be so bold, you could have been a bit more polite. Constructive criticism and discussion broadens everyone’s knowledge. Updates will be higlighted in red.]

Ok, so as fair warning. I’m not a lawyer, nor have I ever studied law in length. All I am is a person who likes to look at things from different angles. For this post, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Consider me Keanu, or Pacino. Whichever was the advocate to the other’s devil.

(Please don’t sue me. I’m just illustrating a point. I love you, Pacino.)

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts slamming Games Workshop…

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