Lost Love, return to Malifaux

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday saw my return to Malifaux tournament play when I attended the Lost Love event run by Clousseau at Tabletop Nation in Essex. A quick apology, I once again managed to forget to take my camera so no photos, which is a shame as there were lots of nicely painted crews on show.

I had sold out of Malifaux late in 2011. Models, rules and cards were all moved on. But the game as just kept niggling at the back of my mind and early this year I caved and bought back in. This time I’ve gone with McMourning.

The Lost Love event had been designed to encourage new players to the tournament circuit. As such you were allowed one starter box and one additional blister for you model pool. From that you then created a 25ss crew each game. Masters than can summon/create models were allowed to add one more type of model from a summoning pool to not hamper some Masters unduly.

I used the same crew all day, and it was the crew I played a few games with on vassal before the event. The crew was :-

Zombie Chihuahua
Flesh Construct
2 x Guild Autopsy

Now I received some mild mockery regarding my choice of blister from some more experienced players out there. I took them for a few reasons.

  1. They have a gun! Not something you get in faction much with Ressers
  2. They are cheap at 3ss and the blister comes with 3 models
  3. McM can summon them, effectively giving me more choice
  4. They fit thematically with McM, and as this was a entry level event I like that idea

Game One – Liz – Viktorias

So game one I was matched up v the crew I used to run, using pretty much what I’d expect from them in this format. Viktorias, Student of conflict, 3 x Ronin. The strategy for this was shared slaughter. I took eye for and eye and exterminate (living) basing my choice on the fact that both crews would likely meet in the middle and butcher each other. Liz took Holdout and Assassinate. The game pretty much went as expected. I killed off one Vik early on, but between the Ronin and the other Vik slowly worked through my crew. The game hinged on the initiative flip on turn 5. McM had taken a chance to kill the final Vik, and left her on 2 wounds. Whoever won the init was likely to remove the others Master… and I lost initiative. So my turn 6 I only had a Nurse, who was still harmless. She ran into the Vik’s deployment, hoping to denied them holdout, and bring down the margin of lose… then Liz flipped a red joker to get a turn 7. Ouch.

So and 8-2 lose out the gate. The game was a lot of fun, and could have gone either way.

Game Two – James C – Perdita

This game was shared treasure hunt, using the new way of scoring. James only took one scheme and I took holdout and Kill protergee. The game was looking pretty bad when I only had McM and a summoned flesh construct in play going into turn 5. However I got initiative and McM was able to remove both Francisco and a very damaged Santiago before the flesh construct moved to stop Perdita scoring with the token. I then managed to win initiate turn 6 which allowed McM to remove Perdita from the table and end the game.

So a 4-0 win for me, So half way I was 1-1, and achieved one of my goals, to win a game. My other goal was not to lose 8-0 so I was 50% the way there too.

Game Three – Trevalyan – Levi

This game was shared supply wagon. Now I’ve never seen Levi, but I know he does some pretty weird stuff… not that I expected him to voluntarily take a walk off a 3 story building 5 turns running. Though I have to say it was pretty funny. I’d taken breakthrough and stake a claim, then setup badly meaning I stood very little chance of achieving either.

I did however manage to claim one VP, when a summoned Guild Autopsy managed to damage my opponents supply wagon, GO AUTOPSY!!!

This game ended in a 5-1 lose. Could have been much worse had Trevelyan taken a second scheme.

Game Four – Powderfan – Ramos

This game was shared claim jump. I selected Bodyguard and Grudge on the steamborg abomination, know that would be storming forward. Now that seemed to be going quite well until the flesh construct left it on two wounds. Then it preceded to push and shove its way forward till it was in range of McM. And I had to spend all my remaining 4 soul stones to survive the 2 potential decapitation attempts!! Then McM had no choice but to kill the borg and run away and hide… McM on 4 wounds after healing is a scary thing to behold. Boy that thing can move! By this time I’d also managed to remove one of the big swarms and powederfan was getting low on models. By the end of turn 6 he had Ramos hiding at the back with his tool kit, and his other big swarm on the objective while I have McM, Flesh Construct, Seb and a Nurse standing by it.

So another 4-0 win to me, if only the flesh construct had got its trigger off!

So when the dust settled I went 2-2 and finished a comfortable 18 out of 31 players.

Congrats to Clousseau for keeping the tournament running to time, all my games went at least 6 turns which was ace.

I really enjoyed the event, and chatting to all the other players. Next up is potentially the doubles, though I don’t have a playing partner for that yet!


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