Britcon Baby!!

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well I know it may appear early to be getting all excited about an event in August, but its Britcon!

Britcon is the British Historical Gaming Society’s big tournament of each year. Over 200 gamers descend on Manchester Uni to do battle in all manner of Historical periods… and a merry band go and play Epic Armageddon šŸ™‚

The big draw for EpicA is as this event is 6 games over 3 days we get to play with armies 25% bigger than the norm, which normally means more big titans on show, and everyone likes a big titan šŸ™‚

In early Jan news began to leak out of the BHGS that Britcon was in jeopardy of being lost this year, unless a new lead organiser could be found. So it was great news when I found out that a volunteer had been found and Britcon was saved.

Head here to get more details – – But EpicA wise it’s 6 games at 4000 points using any list from Epic-UK –

My ticket has been purchased… and plotting for a new army are well under way… so by June I’ll be dusting off the Tyranids and getting them ready to go again šŸ˜€


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