Time marches on…

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

So today I enter my “Answer to the ultimate question of live, the universe and everything” year on this planet…

Not an especially significant year for many I’m sure, but it does neatly bring me to 30 years (give or take) of gaming of one type or another.

It all began with an unexpected journey… NO!

I honestly can’t remember what sparked my interest in fantasy literature, I’d like to say The Hobbit, but I can’t honestly remember. My first ever game was Basic D&D, the red box set that seems to resonate with many people of my age. This sparked interest in my group of friend at school, and happily coincided with the arrival of Citadel miniatures at my local toy shop.

For the first few years I played mainly role playing games, AD&D, Runequest, Judge Dredd and a little Paranoia. Along the way one of us picked up the original warhammer as a way to use all the figures we had now collected in one game. I did pick up a copy of 2nd edition warhammer when it was release, and that was my first GW game. Car wars got some play time, as did battletech, though we rarely stuck with one game for that long.

My move to Uni to study computing solidified my gaming into two area, AD&D 2nd ed took up Saturdays, and I was introduced to GW’s Epic, a game that came to dominate my gaming for the next 4 years and beyond. Playing Epic also dragged me into 40K. That all started by seeing the new box of 30 Mk VI power armoured troopers, and for a £10 they were too much to resist. Just a few to paint like my Epic marines degenerated into an army and the rouge trader rules.

Over the decades I’ve continued to play a wide variety of both wargames and RPG’s, building up a large collection of books and models. Some games have remained, Epic for example is now in its fourth iteration and still going strong, though maybe beyond the view of many.

So thirty years rolling odd shaped dice sat around tables. Many people see our hobby as a safe haven for the socially inept. I have to say that I’ve made some good friends over the years of gaming, and some of my funniest memories come for both RPG’s and wargames.

So what’s in the future? Well I’d like to get back to playing some RPG’s, and I have plans to try and run something using the power of the internet soon. In wargames there are far too many new and shiny games trying to grab my attention, while other games I’m already invested in continue to provide weekly entertainment.

So there you are, 30 years…. hardly seems like yesterday I was opening that first box set!


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