Leon Vicker’s Memorial Tournament – Harlow Wargames Club.

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last weekend I travelled down to Harlow to take part in the Leon Vickers Memorial Tournament at HWGC.

Leon was the local press ganger for Harlow who died suddenly last Xmas. He was a committed press ganger that ran fun events I’d attended, and was always a great guy to sit down and chat to at events. He will be missed. The club has purchased a trophy that will be contested annually, with the event looking to grow each year.

This year’s tournament was a 16 player, 35 point steamroller tournament. As more people wanted to attend this event than there were space I shared my space with Conrad, playing 2 games each as the being know as Davcon for the day.

I took 2 lists. An Absylonia tier 4 list and a slightly off the wall Bethayne list with Raptors. Why raptors at 35? Well I like the models and they are always fun on the table.

Conrad and I decided I would play game one and three on the day.

Game One – Philip Staker – eCaine – Into the Breach

I’d never played against eCaine before and I went with my Bethayne list as she is the caster I want to use for now. Things were going really well for me. I hadn’t picked up that Phil had jack marshalled two of his three jacks when I took out both jack marshal warriors. I was actually happy when he used his feat to wipe out my hex hunters rather than Bethayne. So I was 3-2 up on CP when Philip teleported Caine into range of Bethayne and shot her up to win by caster kill.

Fun game, and it’s good to play against new casters.

Game Three – Mark Pemberton – Rask – Outflank

Mark is one of my regular opponents, I did suggest Conrad step in to play this game but he preferred to take the game off so I sat down and took Absy out for a spin this game. Things basically went pretty much perfectly for Absy, the only let down was when the spawning vessel got wiped out before it could spawn a single lesser, first time that’s ever happened. Game end when Absy was able to dominate one of the zones while one or two models contested the other.

It then transpired that one of the players had to leave early so I got to play as the bye for game four

Game Four – Phil Manwaring – Midas – Close Quarters

Phil is a very good tournament player, but a great laugh to play as well. Midas is one of the new minion casters and is pretty good option against hordes. I ran Bethayne again, and largely beat my head against Phils tough wall of troops. Killing beasts is a two edge sword v Midas, as his feat brings all dead beasts back to life! The game went on a lot longer than I thought it would, but Bethayne got smacked to pieces by a Road Hog.

Conrad also managed a 1-1 record so DavCon managed a safe 2-2 record.

Conrad also took away best painted with a very nicely painted cygnar model, which one escapes me now!

Thanks to Aaron for running a great event, Norbert for answering my questions when I should just look at the rules 😉



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