Dark clouds gathering…

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

If the news that has been drawn from Games Workshop proves true it would appear that Epic is heading for its second ice age.

A number of members of the Tactical Command forum community noticed that certain lines had disappeared from the on-line catalogue, and the gap differed from country to country. One member called GW and received the following response – “Had reply, they are gone permanently. Other stuff will disappear as stocks run out.”

So official models from GW appear to be in the autumn of their lives. If this applies to the plastic infantry as well as the metal lines remains unknown. Time will tell as Epic players sell the final part of their souls to GW to round out some lines that are hard to find good proxies for.

What does this mean for the long term survival of Epic? In my opinion it is in a better position than the last time models ceased to be sold by GW. Most players agree that Epic A is a good game, unlike its predecessor Epic 40K. There are a number of 6mm sci-fi producers out there that can step in to fill the void, assuming players are happy to use models that are not exact replicas of the 40K models. Epic A’s rather handy “counts as” rule means that proxies are accepted at the core of the rules, though what will happen now is not exactly what GW had in mind when that was included I’m sure. That rule was there to allow players with wedge falcons play without buying new models I guess.

Epic has a solid tournament scene in the UK. Events run most months and draw between 12 and 20 players depending on their location etc. The Tactical Command forum will continue to support and encourage players to get their collections out on the table, and be a place to discuss the rules when advice is needed.

So to steal a popular phrase right now, “Winter is coming, and it could be long one.” đŸ˜‰


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