Ready, Steady… BETA!

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Later today (31st May 2013) Wyrd shall embark on a grand adventure, the public beta of their hotly debated Malifaux Second Edition (M2E). Rumours have percolated the internet most of the year, with Wyrd publicly announcing the rewrite early last month. They also announced that the release would be preceded by two periods of public beta.

The first beta, set to begin later today, will contain the core rules and associated book one models, giving players a limited pool of models to play and learn the new game with. This will end ready for the release date of M2E at Gencon. Following that the second round of beta will introduce the remaining existing models in M2E guise.

With this in mind I’m going to post my thoughts on how we, the malifaux gaming community, can best help Wyrd get as much as they can from the beta. All my opinion of course, feel free to disagree.

1. Play before you Post. Sounds simple right? Why on earth would you post things before you’ve played a game? Yeah. All of us will do the same thing when we finally have the download on our computers. Turn to our favourite go to model, read its card applying all our M1E experience to it. In and of itself this is no bad thing, we will rapidly see what is changing between editions by what is and isn’t on the card any more. What becomes an issue is when you go straight on the forum and start posting how they have got model Z totally wrong, how it can and can’t do a,b,c now, suggest d,e,f to fix this flaw.

Anyone want to have a sweep to how many of these posts we see in the next 24 hours?

Play games, yes the plural is intended, then go post what you feel about Z, highlight how it has changed form M1E to M2E, your feedback will confirm to Wyrd that Z is either working as they wanted or not.

2. Read the Rules. Another duh moment right? Well actually it isn’t. When you open the rule book for the first time chances are you’ll skim read it, looking for the all the changes that have been hinted at on all the podcast interviews. You will miss things doing this, but go ahead, I’ll be doing the same! At this point see point 1 and keep your initial impressions to yourself. Sit down and read the rules slowly, mark areas that don’t seem clear but push on, don’t get stuck on them yet. Once you’ve finished put them down, take a break. Then read them again. Are the marked passages still confusing? Or did something further in the rules help clear up your confusion. Now play some games, checking with the rules often. We are all so used to M1E it will be easy to apply those rules to games, missing important changes. Now go feedback areas that confuse or aren’t clear.

3. Feedback experiences and accurate circumstances. I hope we all get to play as many games of M2E as possible, through such play testing a highly polished game should appear. Yet as testers we have to walk a narrow path. We are not game designers. We are not game designers. I think it’s worth stating that twice. If all your feedback is like this –

“I played using Model Y last night and got tabled. You need to change C to do this, give him ability M and while your at it rename ability Q to this name as it sounds better”

you really aren’t helping Wyrd much. They have no idea how you came to the conclusions you did, no idea which model you played against, what forces were involved, what the goals of the game were. Even if you are totally correct on all points, you haven’t supplied the circumstances that brought you to those conclusions. Wyrd will change X,Y and Z as they see fit, guided by our play experiences, not by numerous +1 votes on the forums (unless they ask for a vote of course!).

4. Its a test, not a war. Play M2E, not war! We are all in this together. Change always brings peoples emotions to the fore, there are going to be threads on the forum that will make you blood boil, unless your Vulcan. When they do, remove your fingers from that keyboard, step back. Take a breath or 50. Then, if you still feed the need, post a reply. If you do enter what looks to be a battle-line thread, tread carefully, pick your fights and use lots of examples and evidence from games as your weapons. That way lies victory, if you feel such things are necessary, chances are Wyrd will do the unexpected and go the way they feel works best.

Well, that was longer than intended, I’m really looking forward to testing M2E, and helping Wyrd make M2E the best game they can. I’m getting all nerd giddy.

Are the files there yet?

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