Beta, D+4

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

So the first weekend of the public beta has come and gone, and generated one of my favourite tweets ever. I paraphrase “Can everyone stop pressing F5, we can’t upload the file!”

Now I haven’t read every post on the forum, but I’ve looked at a good cross section, and I think that the overall reception to M2E has been positive. Plenty of people posting before playing but that was to be expected.

There have been very few threads that have become openly hostile, and that is to the credit of the malifaux playing community, give yourselves a hearty slap on the back.

There is one thing I want to talk about a bit, and that’s what the future holds for players that know M2E isn’t for them and who intend to carry on playing 1.5.

First thing good on you. Either edition of Malifaux is a fine skirmish game, one I’d recommend any gamer to try. Playing a version of a game that is no longer supported is tougher if you don’t have a group of like minded players, but it is possible.

At this point I’m going to digress into Epic, something I am wont to do. Back when GW released Epic 40K, many epic gamers looked at it and said no thank you. So many in fact that the game failed sales wise and was dropped from the shops, sending Epic into its first ice age. But the fans organised themselves on forums, got a website going and took the game they loved, Space Marine v2, and built on it. Adding in stats for all the new stuff Epic 40K had created, tweaking and clarifying the rules to produce the best game they could. This culminated last year with the release of NetEpic Gold v4 (I may be wrong on the version). GW has recently sent Epic into its second ice age by stopping sales of the miniatures. However Epic Armageddon will survive. The last rules update in 2008 was edited by fans, and ever since on-line groups have been producing army lists and agreeing faq’s when the rules need them. There is a healthy tournament scene within the uk, with a tournament most months.

So back to Malifaux. If you are sure that no amount of testing will make you like M2E you have choices, find like minded players and chat about how you want to go forward. Will you stick with what you have, after all there is a pretty extensive range of models for the game now. Or will you gather together, work on tweaking the rules to be what you hoped Wyrd would have done, create 1.5 stats for new releases when they begin to appear. Keep the game you love alive and kicking. Or you can quit, simple.

Hoping Wyrd will relent and change the core of M2E is futile, they won’t. The direction for M2E is set, and we have all been invited to help polish it before publication.

There are enough people out there saying they want 1.5 to continue, band together, get organised. There is no need for the game you love to die, but it will require effort on your part to keep it so, Wyrd have moved on.

  1. caen says:

    Yes I fully agree, it is fully up to Us if v1,5 will survive. We have a choice. Nobody will take back our models if We will still play v1,5 😉

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