D+6, Why won’t they listen!

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

So 6 days into Wyrd’s public beta and so far so good, I even managed to get a game in!

Som’er, my adopted master for M2E testing, faced up to my normal master in McMourning. Fortunately for me the game developed nicely and I was able to get a couple of scheme points early. The game ended in a win for Som’er, exact score unclear as there should have a turn 5 but we never played it.

So what’s with the title I hear you ask?

Today we are scheduled to see the first wave of changes to the public beta documents. I think Wyrd will have been happy with the forum chatter so far, though a recent call for battle reports does highlight that they may have had enough of theoryfaux.

So what can we all expect in the updated docs? Well if my time in the beta was any guide, plenty of change were Wyrd think its necessary, and a fine touch or no change were they don’t.

No doubt there will be many gamers whose ‘this must change’ rule won’t change. To those people I can only suggest to take a few deep breaths, a break from the computer, and then check around the issue you have, Wyrd may have fixed it by changing something related rather than the rule/stat directly. If not carry on testing and posting evidence of the issue as you see it.

There is still plenty of time to get involved and help shape Malifaux into the slickest game it can be, don’t miss out.


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