M2E Beta D+13… and the music keeps on playin’

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

The M2E public beta continues, and I managed to get 2 games in this week. One with Som’er v Ophelia and one with McMourning v Seamus, and It feels strange to say that I feel much more comfortable with Som’er over McM. I lost to Ophelia but I made some key errors. Not reading pull my finger properly, it doesn’t effect gremlins, not friendly gremlins like I thought. I also messed up my activation order in the 4th and 5th turn, targeting the wrong models in the process. The game with McM was only my first with the good doc in M2E, and a 3-2 loss was ok considering I chose to try and assassinate Seamus… something I will never do again! Between is impossible to wound, hard to kill and a nurse healing him fully it’s just not worth the resources I threw at him. For the record Som’er lost too, 9-6 to Ophelia but I don’t really care, gremlins are lots of fun to play. Lenny petting a summoned piglet to death for the second game running (Yes, flip red joker after engineering a weak damage on a friendly model) again the comedy highlight.

Later today the next set of changes will hit the street. I think many in the play test were pleasantly surprised with last weeks updates. The nay sayers that believed Wyrd wouldn’t listen and nothing would change were proved wrong. Were all the changes fantastic? Probably not, the changes I’ve tried to McM did give him more game, but he is a much trickier master to get to grips with in M2E.

One other thing I want to mention at this point. There is a reasonable amount of chatter on the forums about this ability is missing, or this crew can’t do this type of game that well, often followed by what needs to change to the current list of models to make this work. We all have to consider that we are currently playing with only 30% (total guess) of the models that are in the game. I hope that Wyrd are playtesting with all the models right now, and as such holes and weaknesses in the current range will be compensated once the entire range is available. Now that sucks a bit right now, maybe we can’t play the crews totally optimised. If in the long run that means we get models that are all closely balanced, forcing choice on us every game, that has to be for the best.

So next time your tempted to say “Why can’t model Z do this?”, step back, think of the models still to come and how they may be the answer to what Z can’t do right now.

  1. I see what you are saying but I’m not sure I agree with it. Surely the situation we want to avoid is that when the second wave of models is released that first wave models suddenly become obsolete because something can do a job better – that’s just repeating 1e mistakes. Steamborg and Mech Rider for instance.

    Will the second wave of models add and expand the things a crew can do now, sure they will. Rafkin and McM with the new poison mechanics offer enticing posibilities, but that doesn’t mean Sebastian should be on the outs, he should just offer something different and make it a true choice between the two for a playstyle that you want to go for.

    • mephistonag says:

      I agree with what your saying, and that is what I meant in my post. People are starting to say that certain crews lack options, so lets add abilities to models in the play test to cover these gaps, rather than wait for the second wave models to come in and fill that gap.

      If we get crews that can do it all in wave 1, then wave 2 will introduce power creep and make wave 1 models poor cousins again. So we agree, I just didn’t word it to show that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. So basically I didn’t see what you were saying at all ๐Ÿ™‚

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