Inferno in Bedlam

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last Saturday I headed down to a local Malifaux tournament run by local henchman Clousseau.

It was a fixed faction, 60ss pool with all 4 games to be played at 30ss picked from your pool.

As the only master I have painted is McMourning I basically had him and all the models I had painted plus a 3 under-coated ones.

My pool was:-
Izamu, 2 Night Terrors, 2 Canine Remains, 2 Rotten Belles, Nurse, Zombie Chihuahua, Burt Jebsen, Sebastian, 2 Guild Autopsy, 2 Drowned.

Game One – Beatdown – Joel – Neverborn (Dreamer)

Schemes (Hold Out & Eye for an Eye)

List – Izamu, Burt, Nurse, 2 Canine Remains, Guild Autopsy, Chihuahua. 6ss

So game one and I’m up against the current UK number one player! Add in he is using a master that helped me make the decision that Malifaux wasn’t for me 2 years ago and we have a disaster waiting to happen!
This was a really cagey game. I decided to keep Burt and the nurse back to be my reserve for hold out, while the rest ran forward. With most of Joel’s army buried I didn’t have much to kill early, and when I did it seemed better for Joel as models either got to reactivate or unbury another model.
The game ended with Joel winning 6-2. He took 4 points from beatdown as he killed my easy stuff and Izamu and I killed next to nothing. I did manage to get eye for an eye with a cheeky Autopsy summon.

Game Two – Treasure Hunt – Sarge – Neverborn (Zoraida)

Schemes (Bodyguard, That one’s a keeper)

List – Seb, 2 canine remains, 2 night terrors, Burt, Nurse, Chihuahua, 7ss

Two games, two neverborn… and not only is it Zoraida but collodi is in the list too. I’ve not faced him but I’ve seen Joel demonstrate just how far he can move each turn. No surprise that Collodi was on top of the treasure marker turn one.
The game basically ended up with a massive mosh of figures in the centre, with neither side able to push the other off and collect the treasure. I hoped that with two targets McM would be able to wrack with pain one or the other 5 times to get his scheme but only go two off.
Time ran out in this game, and both of us managed to get one scheme so a 2-2 draw.

Game Three – Land Grab – Catasma – Ten Thunders (Mei Feng)

Schemes (Breakthrough, Stake a claim)

List – 2 Night Terrors, Seb, 2 Canine remains, Nurse, Burt, Chihuahua. 7ss

McM crews really like this strategy, with lots of fast, cheap minions it’s always good. Burt counting as two models for table quarters shouldn’t be underestimated either.
Catsama’s list was a low model count with Kearis, Rail golem, Gunsmith(?), Emberling, fire gamin. Cards didn’t help either, with black joker appearing on at least 3 damage flips.
McM had the chance to bounce about being the killer he likes to be, though taking 2 turns to finish of Kearis was a surprise.
At the end only the rail golem was standing, though in my deployment zone so gaining Catsama the unannounced breakthrough, along with power ritual.
So 8-2 win saw me climbing up the table for the first time this event.

Game Four – Line in the Sand – Grayne – Guild (Perdita)

Schemes (Kill Protege, Frame for murder) both unannounced.

List – Izamu, 2 Drowned, 2 Night Terrors, 2 Guild Autopsy, 6 ss

By this stage I’d done all the schemes I felt comfortable with. LiTS is another strategy I think McM does well so I took a crew to score points on that and schemes I hoped I could make.
I was relived to see Perdita across the way, and even happier when she set-up to one flank, allowing me to place the frame for murder drowned across from her.
Perdita moved up and by turn 2 I had the drowned in meele with her so she backed off and killed the drowned, scoring me a point. I had also moved up with the night terrors and other drowned and had more counters flipped from turn 2 onwards, earning me 4 points from the scheme. Izamu was gunned downed by Santiago over two turns but McM avenged him with scalpel death, earning me Kill Prot.
A summoned Flesh construct then tied up Perdita and Francisco for a turn stopping Grayne for getting any traction in the marker game.
Game ended in a 6-2 win to me.

So overall a record of 2 wins, 1 draw an 1 lose saw me into an unexpected sixth place.

Thanks to Clousseau for running the event, the BHGS for finding a great venue for a multi system even and Joel, Sarge Catsama and Grayne for four fun games of Malifaux

So that just leaves 4M to go and I can draw a line on Malifaux version 1.5. Having played 8 games during the version 2 beta I do much prefer that version.

Once again forgot to take the camera so no pictures, I know Clousseau took some of I’ll link to them when they appear on the web.


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