Journeyman, take two

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last year I took part in a local Journeyman league fro WM/H. I used the menoth I’d picked up and over the weeks came to the conclusion that the Warmachine half of the game wasn’t for me. I sold off my Menoth not long after the league finished.

Last night saw the start of the latest Journeyman at Wargames Workshop. Barry, the Pressganger organising it has given the normal format a twist by allowing any caster after the first week of battle boxes so I’ve taken the plunge and will be using Bethayne.

My reasoning is to give me some impetus to paint some more Hordes models as Journeyman rewards painting as much as gaming.

That said week one was battle box and I went with the traditional Lylyth box set, with the expected results.

Game one I was matched up against Khador with Sorscha. Not a real surprise here but my opp rolled some shocking dice with his jacks once my Carni was dead and his jacks were beat up before Sorscha actually dealt the killing blow to Lyl.

Game two was versus Madrak, a match up I stood a chance in. That was until I made a huge error. I charged the axer with my carni and squashed him pretty easily, but madrak made my carni forfeit its activation next turn so I couldn’t seal the deal. Had I used the carni to kill both impalers, that systematically killed all the shredders and finally lylyth, then the game might have gone better. That said Maddy did need to make 2 tough rolls to survive before lylyth went down.

So with battlebox over I now have 2 weeks to get painting. 15 points with Bethayne is going to be interesting but something like Angelius, Min Hex Hunters and a Sorceress on Helion might be a laugh. Plus only the Angel is painted so the chance for plenty of painting points.

  1. docbungle says:

    Pictures or it didnt happen

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