Ohhh… Shiny!

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Recently I tweeted a rather random comment. It caused some questions (ok, two people commented, but that’s a deluge for my twitter feed!) so I decided I’d expand here.

For more years than I care to mention I’ve been a magpie gamer, never really sticking to one system, easily distracted by a new, or shiny, game or range of figures. For a long time I had a local gamer that also exhibited the same tendency so misery enjoyed company. The lead pile grew, as did the rule sets on my book shelf. Salute was always a good source for such projects.

Then I moved and I entered a strange phase, I played one game way more than any other. This was when I discovered Epic Armageddon, and the UK tournament community. In my second year of EA I played in excess of 100 games, playing at least one game every week.

This focus didn’t last too long though. Hordes lead to Malifaux, Ambush alley ignited my historical interest and Kampfgruppe Normandy became the forth or fifth WWII rule set on my shelf, Bloodbowl came back in focus only to wane again. And so it goes on.

The relevance, if any, in all this is that I’ve been listening to various podcasts and reading blogs talking about the up coming version change of Malifaux, and I’m finding my reaction somewhat cooler than large parts of the community, either lovers or haters of the new edition.

It was yesterday that it finally struck me why I appeared somewhat ambivalent. I don’t fall in love with a game, immerse myself totally forsaking all others. If I did, then maybe I’d be in the same boat many find themselves in with Malifaux.

I used to think that being a magpie was a bit of curse. Constantly collecting starts of armies, never pushing them to completion before something else came along to steal the focus. Piles of shiny lead and plastic filling drawers and boxes.

I now think that it gives me perspective when games evolve, or even die. The M2E public beta was a fun time, gave me a good chance to see what direction Wyrd are headed, and if I liked it. I do, by an large. If I didn’t then the small crew I’ve collected since being drawn back into the game would have quietly found a space on shelf, dusted down now and again and put on the table if a game was arranged.

Will I lament the passing of Malifaux 1.5, or trumpet the arrival of M2E? Not really, both are fun games, I hope that M2E proves to be better balanced, as I still don’t think M1.5 is.

Hmm, what to take from all that waffle? Magpie gaming may not help your bank balance, but it does seem to stop high blood pressure ranting and spiralling pits of despair over a game.

Who knew? 🙂


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