Back on the pitch again.

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

So I’ve cracked a little, and signed up to play in the latest season of the Daventry Vaulters blood bowl league, which has reached it’s tenth season.

This time I’ve gone with my more normal team and the latest incarnation of the Pro Elf Sil Darin Chargers hit the field last week.


First up was Gary and his new Necromantic team. I won the coin flip and elected to receive, running in for the score turn 3. Then it was the expected grind back by the undead, though it wasn’t the casualty fest I expected.

Second half saw the Necro’s grind down the field, with an alarming number of elves heading the side lines knocked out. I eventually managed to force them to score and leave me 2 turns to get the tie. The kick off looked bad at first for me, but with the elves high agility I was able to move the ball deep, then after some lucky crowd scatters pick the ball up and run in  for the tie.

No skills but 3 players right on the cusp sets me up quite nicely for my second match v Goblins.

Thanks to Gary for a really fun game that vindicated my decision to set foot back on the BB pitch.


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