Been a while!

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hmm, and I was doing so well with updates!

The past weekend saw me head off down to Wargames Workshop in MK to take part in the Guardians of Tyr’s 35 point steamroller tournament.

22 players attended the 35 point warmachine/hordes event that promised 5 rounds of intense gaming, with a good mix of ‘names’ and locals attended.

I’m not going to go into details, I played 4 good games of wm/h (round 5 wasn’t needed), and managed to go 2-2. I took 2 lists, one Bethayne and pThags, but only used pThags as I faced Khador, Cryx (jack heavy), Menoth and Circle, none of which looked a good matchup for Bethayne. My two wins were both scenario wins, and I managed to rock up 4 CP’s in the game I lost to Menoth.

All those CP’s saw me take the award for most CP’s on the day with 14. So I now have eVayl to try out, she may be a bit too good for me :). I managed to finish 10th so mid table safety.

Next up is round 6 of the BB league, and my team has been pretty much destroyed by the Dark Elves I faced in round 4.

After that it’s an Epic tournament in October, probably take chaos as I’ve made no progress on my ulani or vanaheim.

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