Bloodbowl league round 7

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night the chargers once again took to the field, Thegremster’s Lizardmen the opponents this time. The game went pretty much the Chargers way, resulting in a 3-1 win, though another hit to a catcher left Allen with a niggling injury.

Rumours are this will be the last round for division 3 of the league this season, so that could be that for the chargers in this incarnation.

If I’m honest I can’t say I really enjoyed the league aspect of BB this time round. It’s certainly nothing to do with the guys up in Daventry, every game I’ve played has been fun, even when I got the cack kicked out of me. For some reason I don’t think BB is the league progression game for me like it was 2 years ago.

I’ll still play BB, maybe at a tournament and certainly casually at home, but I think my gaming magpieism must be strong right now, and playing one game every 2 weeks for an extended period isn’t what I’m looking for.

So up next is some Hordes, then a bit of War and Conquest with some WWII on the horizon too… and the Epic-UK GT at the end of November, busy times ahead.

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