Home Front

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve been gaming at home for the last few weeks.

Boomer, PaulS and I have been playing a bit of Warmachine/Hordes. Boomer is just getting back into the game so we’ve been playing at 25 points to keep things simple, and relatively quick.

So far I’ve used Abys, Bethayne, Kallus and pLylth to mixed results. PaulS has been trying his hand with his cryx and Boomers been rocking Kromac. Fun times and over the coming months we will transition to 35 points with steamroller again, once everyone is up to speed.

Adding Enri into the mix the four of us are going to fun a small BB league, we all love the game but don’t really want it to dominate. Last night Boomer and I played the inaugural game, with my less than mighty Meat Pie Packers fling team going down 0-3 with 0-7 casualties, 3 of them RIP’s!

More to come from this I’m sure.


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