It’s not dead!

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well it’s been a while, and in truth I’ve not been that active in gaming.

Last November I did attend the Epic-UK GT, placing 7th out of 16, but I did manage to win the roll off for most sporting, which is nice as I nabbed one of stugmeister’s prints finally

After that played in the epic refight of the siege of terra. A great day out that once again shows what you can achieve with epic when you put your mind to it. This thread has details –

This year has seen the second round of the home BB league, with my ‘flings suffering their second defeat, fun though.

Innskip and I took another ancient rule set for a spin this past weekend in the form of Impetus. I played the basic version a few years ago and I have to say after a few rules look up the game plays fast, gives a good feel for ancient warfare (IMO of course) and is over in around 90 mins allowing for multiple games in one session. Perfect and will be played again for sure.


Friday will see the return of a game I rarely play, necromunda. Boomer wants to play a sci-if campaign game and my local gamers agreed, and caved into my one niggle with the game, recovery. It bugs me that it comes as the final step of the turn, often forcing gangers to stand in the open asking to be shot again! Fortunately we will apply the mordheim fix, and move recovery to the start of a players turn!


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