Wow, it’s March already!

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well doesn’t time fly!

Done a bit of gaming since I last posted.

The famed Necromunda campaign has failed to get off the ground as it has been impossible to get 4 gamers in the same room since January. That said we have all created gangs, and PaulS found a rather good website that allows you to track such things. It’s called Yakromunda, though as I’m writing it’s down in the process of migrating to a new domain so it seems… more news on that to follow then!

PaulS and I are off to a a one day Warmachine/Hordes event run by the Daventry vaulters on Sunday. 15 points round robin with up to 7 games in the day! Should be a giggle, though we did play some test games with 15 min deathclock as the tournament called for 30 mins game and found it tricky. The schedule has changed so its the standard 20 min death clock now and I think games will be won or lost without one side clocking out now. I’ll be packing Absy, pThags, pLyl and Bethayne. Have to use each list at least once.

Payed a visit to the Tanelorn club last weekend and Innskip ran me and RobP through a game of Deadzone, Mantic games sci-fi skirmish offering. It’s an interesting game played on a 2’x2′ mat divided into squares. which are used for measuring movement and ranges etc. I enjoyed the game, some interesting abstractions and a pretty slick mechanic for shooting and combat. If I’m honest the game and the models didn’t grab me. The terrain however is top notch and would be perfect for Necromunda… oh dear.

The other game I’ve been playing is the test version of a game called Guild Ball (GB). GB is a fantasy football (soccer) game played on the tabletop rather than a board pitch and pits 6 players against each other in a rugby/football cross. Each team is trying to score 3 goals, or take all the opposition players off the pitch.

It’s up on kickstarter, doing well with 15 days to run as I write –

I have to say after reading the rules, listening to various podcast’s by the creators I’m sold, and have backed it heavily. The first test game Boomer and I played had plenty of ‘light bulb’ moments as we worked out how the players are meant to interact, and how the core rules blend with the players extra abilities to make the game both quick to play, yet deep enough to keep you interested. Even with 2 players left on one side they had a chance to win, not a good one but a chance!

Another game of GB tonight with updated rules. I shall report more on that sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ™‚

Painting I hear you ask? Haven’t done any, so stop asking ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. docbungle says:


    So what have you painted this recently didnt see you mention anything about painting…

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