Britcon baby! Preamble

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Once again the gaming marathon that is Britcon has come and gone.Britcon - Calm before the storm

We had eight players sign up for epic this year, and to avoid the brain busting task of trying to sort out draws in a swiss system we all agreed to play round robin, with one round dropped. So everyone got to play 6 different opponents and dodge one army. This was chosen by seeding the players and dropping the round were the top ranked player would have played the eighth ranked.

For the last three years I’ve been plotting a new army for Britcon, but as ever time ran out before I’d started so it was nid’s once more. I did paint some bits though, two trygons as I wanted to give them a go, the extra two gargoyles to make my harridan formation have four (rather handy as it turned out!) and an extra termagaunt for each of the swarms.

So my list was – – Fairly standard fare for me, but the Dominatrix with three hieodules did feel a little bit overkill, but I was sure I’d not lose it and give away BTS the whole event. I’ve wanted to try trygons for ages, but at 3,000 points they fight with harridans and they win hands down. The rest would do what it does, run forward and probably win some assaults in the swarms case, and not run forward and die for the brute swarms.

This year I was bringing the terrain so I had to drive up really. Have to say next year I hope I can take the train once more! Not to whine but the M6 is a stupid road that clogs up for no reason any human can discern. So the expected 3 hour journey took more like 4, which kinda left me more hassled Friday than in previous years. Still we had our tables in the traditional place, near the fire exit and therefore not quite so hot and stuffy as the tables further into the room.

The BHGS had hired an extra room this year so there was loads of space between tables which was brilliant, and something I hope can be continued in future years.

The other different thing this year was as the games were all pre-set you knew who you’d be playing on which table every round. This made the event a breeze to run, and the only question about organisation I was getting was what time is the next round…. despite it being on the sheets on the wall… why do gamers never read rulespack/draws properly 😉

Games got under way just after 5 or so, earlier than ever before at Britcon, and all the games were underway by six, as the local player was the last to arrive as per tradition.

I’m going to break the reports up into separate blogs, maybe two per entry in an attempt to get me back into blogging more regularly… got to try something I guess.

So next time will me Game One, were I face off versus Simon and his Deathwatch army Of Doom ™


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