#WAAC update 11

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Miniature Musings of a Bear


A week to go till the big event and we are still going string 🙂

We have already smashed the second total already so it has been extended to a huge £2500 which I dont think we will be too far from it 🙂

On top of the usual below I have to plug 2 seperate little projects to do with WAAC.

Mr Barker is doing a paintatholon and is asking for donations HERE this will feed into the main WAAC just giving as separate donations.

Along the same lines Mr Henry (a real teacher so an actual sir ;)) he is going to take up Gremlins in malifaux if he gets enough donations (spoiler: he is starting gremlins) you can see more HERE.

We also  have someone waxing his back, Ryan (the blue heretic) has promised to wax his ass and recorded it 😉 and someone called spoons…

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