Britcon – Game One – Simon W – Dark Angels

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Simon is well known for bringing some pretty off the wall lists to events, no one will ever forget his massive hoard of ork battle fortresses!! This year he’d decided to bring a list built around the Dark Angels first company –

As ever I seem to have taken far less photo’s than I should, and I don’t have any from this game, or others later.

I’d expected Simon to come at the nids hard so was a little surprised when he declared his spaceship would arrive turn two and that both dev formations where riding down in thunderhawks rather than drop pods. All those blast markers and potential kills while my swarms are in the deployment zone aren’t something I’d like as a nid player.

He then did something else odd, teleporting his Supreme Commander formation onto his blitz, who promptly gained a blast marker… they could have deployed on overwatch and hand none! Turn one moved along pretty quickly as no more terminators came to play, so it was two air assaults by devs and strafing runs by thunderhawks. The nids weathered this and moved forward.

Turn two gave me an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often, genestealers getting to charge a BTS formation! Now I didn’t expect to win, but I thought I’d start to put some hurt on them. Well after the dust settled the Supreme commander was dead, along with another unit of terminators, sure the stealers were all dead but hey that’s their job! This formed a pattern of virtually every character in Simon’s army failing armour saves.

The game ground on with each side making small gains but not enough for either or us to force a win in turn 3 and by the end of turn 4 the nid’s had managed to break enough of the marines to force a 2-0 win.

With all the games starting on time or slightly early we were all done by 22:00 and off to the student halls nice and early to get some sleep ready for game two to kick off at 08:15… well that was the plan, though the lack of double glazing and the proximity of a late night bar kept me awake a little longer than ideal.


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