Britcon – Game Three – Mark P – Necrons

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

So Necrons… hmmmmm nid’s can’t eat living metal!!

Well they can, kinda, but necrons are a unique army in the Epic game. They are the only army that can bring stuff back from the dead. The phase out rule is also unique, with broken formation leaving the table in the end phase, only to teleport back onto the board next turn. Sometimes breaking a necron formation is actually the last thing you want to do.

The other unit that causes much debate is the pylon, normally coupled with how do I deal with MW(TK) AA? Now this doesn’t bother the nids, but they still shoot 120cm against ground units, and when on overwatch can interdict a good portion of the battlefield. Now Mark was packing four of these monsters in his army. Enough to keep my rather worried and bottled up.


I basically decided I’d hide my BTS on my blitz. Maybe negative but it did deny Mark two of the five available goals so should make the game harder to win for him, as I kinda thought the best I’d get out of the game was a draw.

This game was were I began to feel how limited the Trygon formations are. I used them to try and break pylons but they didn’t do a great job, which basically left me little room to manoeuvre and the pylons got onto overwatch early and threatened all the war engines all game.

For once I stuck to my plan and played really cautiously. Mark attacked formations as he chose, which is how the necrons should play, appearing from a monolith portal then disappearing off through another. I think I only killed one or two formations in the entire game.

That said I thought I’d lose the game turn 3, and almost decided to settle for a 2-0 lose. I however hung on and after the dust settled on turn four Mark hadn’t managed to push his advantage into a win.

I didn’t bother adding up points as it was clear Mark had killed way more than I had!

So at the half way point I was Two wins, no loses and one draw… just about my best set of games ever!


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