Britcon – Game Two – Chris S – Orks!!!!!!!!

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

So after a fortifying breakfast it was off to the venue to get ready to face off versus Chris S and his ork horde, lead by a great gargant.

As soon as the objectives had been placed I knew his gargant would be running into my half of the table turn one and then beating up whatever it could while it contested claimed both take and hold objectives in my half. The only really way for me to kill the gargant would have been to use my BTS formation, and I didn’t think that would work out in my favour really, so I planned to feed it some stuff to kill and basically run past the monster.


The game began and went pretty much as expected. I’d setup the take and holds on Chris’s side split to both flanks so the force I had on my right was looking pretty handy to take down what was setup to face them, it was the gargant charging straight at me, backed up by suppa zzap’s and suppa gunned blitz brigades that led to some cautious moves with my Dominatrix early turns.

Turn two saw something as unusual as genestealers in combat, and that was carnifexes in combat! Though it was Chris that charged them rather than the other way around… and it was the Gargant!
Needless to say it ended badly for the carnifexes!
Chris was playing a really good cautious game, breaking swarms and putting hurt on my BTS formation by FF assaults with the support of the Gargant. By the end of the game the Dominatix had lost all her hieredule bodyguards and was cowering on my blitz broken.
However the rest of my army had managed to break or push away enough of the orks to hold the left take and hold objective and the ork blitz to give me a two nil win in turn four.

Two games down and two wins saw me in the unlikely position of second! OK it was only eight players but none the less good for me!

Next up was Mark R and his Necron’s… not a match up I was looking forward too in all honesty.


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