Vapourware no more….

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Relic Knights

So the seemingly impossible finally  happened. The much delayed Relic Knights kickstarter (RK) finally shipped, as if by magic, literally!

For those that follow me on twitter will know that I’ve been rather scathing of both Cool Mini or Not (CMoN) and Soda Pop Miniatures (SP) over their lacking communication. It seemed that when they did break the silence it was only to insert their feet into their mouths at times, maybe it was to be expected. But after a near 18 month delay on shipping to find out EU shipping was finally real via twitter was another low spot. The final word on this is that my shipping notice email arrived almost exactly 24 hours after the box was delivered, practically early by RK standards!

So I opened the big box to check all I ordered has shipped, which it has, and that despite the external box looking a bit worse for wear all the stuff inside seems undamaged. Plus point so far, and considering the likely path this box has taken from China to my door not bad!

I’ve taken a quick look at the cerci models, and made the mistake of opening a set of Hell’s Belles for my initial closer inspection. Now the models themselves look crisp enough for the restic they are cast in, but I’ve not looked really closely for mold lines. The reason I say mistake is when I tried to make sense of all the bits something seemed to be missing. Then I vaguely remembered one of the whoopsie updates from SP saying something about these models, so off I went to the forum to investigate. Yep, my memory for once was correct. The entire production run of this squad had a mistake, all missing one torso. SP are shipping enough torsos to all pledger’s so no need to report anything just yet, and posts on the forums seen to indicate shipping has started, so I expect mine by Xmas.

One other thing that came as a slight surprise is the size of the Relic Knight models, for some reason I’d expected them to be larger than they are, but they will still look good once built I’m sure. The scale between models doesn’t seem to be totally consistent, but I’m not to worried about that myself as I’m used to it with EpicA.

The A4 rulebook is hardbound, glossy and full colour. Fitting in well with the feel of the game. I’ve read a bit of the fluff, not bad so far, and skimmed the rules and they seem pretty well laid out and quite clean. The depth in the game comes from the models abilities rather like Malifaux Mk1, however every term used on the cards is detailed towards the rear of the rule book so if someone comes up with an ability/trait you don’t have on your faction you can find it in the book and not have to ask for their card, handy.

So overall I’m impressed with the product delivered. Impressed enough to forgive an 18 month delay with little updates? Hmmm, maybe. I’ll certainly get my stuff built and get it on the table to play some trial games. The game and victory conditions look like they should make a dynamic and interesting game. Will I be running out to increase on my basic kickstarter sets? That’s a harder one to say yes to. If the games go well, and people start to want to play RK as the second or third game, I could see myself getting more bits.

And that’s the up hill struggle SP has in front of it. They need a solid community in the UK to push the game forward, one they haven’t kept communicating with so far. Add in that retail stores had stock before backers knew their packages had left China only compounds this for me.

Enough rambling, I’ll update once I’ve glued my fingers together… stuck models together and maybe got a local to try a game with me with proxies if not real models.


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