Year in Review – Kickstarter

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Over the next week or so I’ll try and post up my thoughts on how the hobby has been for me in 2014, and I’ve decided to start out with kickstarter.

In the past I’ve ranted rather a lot about kickstarter both in terms of how it’s used and the end product. That said there have been a number of very successful kickstarters for both the companies creating them and the backers receiving the rewards. How long will the bubble last? Well as long as we backers are willing to give our cash to companies for what they have promised to deliver.

So lets look at what the projects I either backed this year, or were delivered this year.

Past scheduled shipping date.

Relic Knights. Well the long running joke about vapour ware finally ended with Relic Knights actually dropping onto my door step, naturally the delivery notice arrived the day after the box, just to finalise the late nature of this entire process!

What Ninja Division have delivered is actually pretty good. The book and tokens are high quality and the game is certainly interesting, though the two games I’ve played ended by running out of time, rather than with either side winning. This could be as they were mirror matches with Shattered Swords but only more games will tell.

Model wise it’s rather more hit and miss. The models are the now dreaded restic, and the squad models are all rather basic. They are better with some paint on them, but they won’t be winning any awards for high quality. The larger models seem to have more detail, and I’ve not even got my relic knight out of his box yet!

Overall I’m happy I backed this game, even if I did end up selling on the cerci and keeping one faction.

Guild Ball. Slated for a December release the chaps at Guild ball decided to slip into January to allow one final revision to the rules, and I’m fine with them doing so.

From the games I’ve played during the year the game has progressed and many of the grey areas have been addressed and cleared up. The 3D renders that they keep previewing are stunning and the limited edition Boiler model I purchased is really really nice.

With 3 other locals in the KS I expect this game to see plenty of play in the fist quarter of 2015. From there time will tell as everyone gets to grips with all the guilds and the options they bring to the table.

War and Empire (15mm Ancients plus rules). This one is running about 6 months late. They have started shipping figures, and from what I’ve seen and heard so far they are being received very well by backers.

As I took my time working out a) what period I was going to get and then b) working out number or figures per element for Impetus I am towards the back of the fulfilment queue. I expect to receive a small Indian lead mountain some time in Jan.

I did have a look at the early version of the rules that accompany the figures, but decided early on that I’d be sticking to impetus so I haven’t followed their progress at all.

Elite Dangerous. I did cave in a little and paid a bit extra to get into the beta program for elite. Though as I type it is now on general release, a little over six months late.

The game is as stunning visually as I expected, and as difficult to master and pilot! To be fair I’ve not spent much time trying to play the game so can’t really comment more than it’s hard to dock! Deja vu or what!

Fantasy Football figures for Impact Minis. This one is currently running about two months late, but there have been regular updates from the gent that runs Impact. He’s had personal issues to deal with and as they are a one man shop it’s no surprise this one has slipped.

I’d expect my shiny new skaven team to arrive in the new year, and be of the quality you’d expect from Impact mini’s.

Achtung! Cthulhu. As I only pledged for the core Players and GM books in print this is a kickstarter that keeps on giving me more and more pdf content.

The core resource books for all the theatres have been delivered over the last year, and early play test version of the first campaign book have been released this week.

My one attempt to get a game of this running over fantasy grounds stalled unfortunately, but I may try again in 2015 as the desire to get some form or role play going is gaining ground in my mind.

Due in 2015.

Demigods Rising. This one was a bit of an impulse KS pledge. It’s a miniature combat board game for 2-4 players and is scheduled to ship July 2015.

The renders of the pieces look nice, and having had a quick read through the playtest rules the game looks like it should be fun when it lands.

Paranoia. This one is similar to Elite in that it was a nostalgia pledge. How often, if ever, I’ll get to play the game who knows, but I have been searching the garage and found all my old Paranoia stuff to get my creative juices flowing… Clones, stand by you beds and trust the computer!

Play test rules have gone out to backers that pledge for them this week so I expect to glean more info from the web and twitter over the Xmas period.

I also backed two other kickstarters in 2015. One was for some steam punk sound tracks, the idea being to have these play in the background of the Skype call while we played Achtung! Cthulhu. It’s a cool set of effects and I’ll find a use for them I’m sure.

I also pledges a small amount to The Dice Tower podcast. I really enjoy this podcast, the by play between the two hosts is fun and hearing about the sheer number of board games out there is always interesting.

So there we have it. Kickstarter continues to be a big mover in the war gaming hobby, and I think it will be here to stay. Most mini related campaigns seem to run into some kind of delay, but most are understandable and in some cases actually good for the game.

I don’t plan on backing much in 2015, but I’m sure stuff will come along and tempt me all the same.


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