Year in Review – Gaming

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well 2014 was the normal spread of games played, and not all the ones I thought I’d play when the year began.

Epic-A. Epic remains a game I really enjoy, though I only play it at events these days. The game continues to have a strong enough following to keep a ten tournament a year schedule running in the UK, and 2015 will see the UK host the second European team event. I used three armies at events this year, and Tyranids remain my best option if I want to achieve mid table mediocrity! More of the same in 2015 is the plan here.

Hordes. I played a fair amount of hordes in 2014, mainly casual but with a few smaller events thrown in. I still like the game, which is good as I’m pretty heavily invested in it. That said the grumbling about the game needing another shake up are starting to grow in the social media, and I do think it might need a little bit of a tweak, not sure what though. I will continue to play this game with my Legion, and resist getting a warmachine faction for another year at least.

Malifaux.  Played very little malifaux other than attending the fantastic campaign weekend that was MCC. There is interest in the game locally, and as we all have painted crews for this game I’m sure it will continue as a now and then game. I don’t think I’ll be going to any events next year, the drive to play the game competitively just isn’t there for me right now.

Impetus. Innskip and I played a few games of this early on in 2014 which locked this in as my ancient game of choice. I do enjoy War and Conquest, but I think ancient gaming just feels ‘better’ to me using element style rules. This choice has driven what I got from the War and Empire kickstarter, which will see a lovely new Classical Indian army arrive sometime in January. Certainly want to play ancients in 2015, but this will always be a once in a while thing.

Guild Ball. I played a fair few games of Guild ball since the gents first released their play test rules just after the kickstarter ended. I have to say I’ve enjoyed the game, and liked how it has evolved over the months as rules were tweaked along the way. That said I’m struggling to see how to make the Alchemists work. They seem rather weak, but unlike the Fishermen don’t seem to have the tricks to offset this. Stil I’ve only played a couple of games with them so something might click before the metal lands on my door step. This game will get play in 2015, how much remains to be seen.

Relic Knights. After all the delays my enthusiasm for this game had hit rock bottom. However what Ninja Division have produced is a fun and interesting game, with lots of options still to be explored. However in the games I’ve played and seen so far none of them have seen either side win before time became an issue. I don’t know if this is because of the forces picked, or some internal issues with the missions we flipped. This is a game I’d happily play, but not one I can see becoming a regular in the gaming rotation.

I think those are the main things I’ve played in 2014. It was a bit disappointing not to get the 15mm WWII to the table but the drive to get those mini’s built and painted eluded me in 2014. I did help two club mates play a game of Blitzkrieg commander so there was a little WWII at least. I’ve been using fummbl to scratch my blood bowl itch, though it still frustrates me using that client!

Looking back I played less different rulesets than other years in 2014, and that’s probably due to me not attending the local games store regularly and a growing interest in Epic at Tanelorn, neither of which are bad things.


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