Year in Review – Creative

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yes, yes… I can hear all the “Why isn’t this Hobby” questions from here. Well to be blunt I don’t really enjoy the whole painting thing, for me the hobby bit is the playing 😀

I’m also going to lob blogging, podcasting and writing into this bucket so Hobby wouldn’t really wash any way 😛

Painting. As I just said, I don’t get a lot of enjoyment out of painting, and I’ll quite happily play with unpainted minis or counters. However I accept I’m in the minority with this view, and yes I do agree that fully painted minis on lovely terrain is wonderful, but a good game with silver models and abstract terrain is just as much fun for me. So the only way I actually paint is when I have to!

Hordes wise I did paint a few more bits. Early in the year I played in a journeyman league at the local store and was racking up a good few painting points till I realised one other player was so far ahead I couldn’t win the painting points prize so I lost interest! Then I looked at some stuff I had painted, didn’t like it so lobbed it in the stripper! I still only have two painted casters so this is something I need to fix in 2015.

Malifaux actually got a bit of a painting kick in 2014, mainly as @OldManMyke made MCC a fully painted event and I need three masters. As I only had McMourning painted a hasty regime of procrastination and last minute paint panic saw me get both Nicodem and Seamus painted, along with a few other minions. In truth had I not been going to MCC none of these would have been painted.

Epic wise I did very little. I’ve had plans to do new armies for epic for at least two years now, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do it! I did move on one stalled project so that was positive. I did paint more bits to round out my Tyranid force to give me more options.

I did build and undercoat the following, some of which might progress in 2015.
15mm WWII Para’s
Anglo Danes for Saga
Shattered swords for Relic Knights

Blogging. Well it’s been a very sparse year for blogging, as I’m sure you can see! To be honest I’ll probably never be a prolific blogger, but I’d hope to be more regular with updates than I have been this year. If I ever remember to take more pictures at events maybe I’d do more reports. All I can do is try to be more consistent in 2015, try and post at least once a month if not more.

Podcasting. I think we can assume that Grumpy Wargamers has run its course! Despite a couple of email chains with all parties saying they’d like to record again no date was ever found that worked for us all. Sorry to the people that seemed to enjoy the random chat that always ended up at Kickstarter and Restic! I did record some episodes @Fools_Daily, a show I enjoy and recommend any gamer should have a listen too, well apart from the shows I’m on naturally! May do more, might not, who knows.

Writing. Didn’t do any in 2014.
Which may be odd, but then again might not. To be honest writing short stories wasn’t something I’d ever really thought about until I ran across the Shellcase Shorts monthly writing challenge in 2012. Once that wound up I moved onto writing a few times for the Iron Quill, a periodical writing challenge hosted on the Wyrd forum. And then I stopped. Maybe it was a one time burst of inspiration that hit me in that 18 month period, or maybe the muse will return. I do have a character or two lurking in the back of my mind, that may have a story to tell, but if so they haven’t decided to tell me them yet 😀


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