2015, And so it begins…

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well 2015 is here, and as ever I’m going to set myself some goals. Hopefully this year I’ll be a bit more realistic about the whole goal thing.

Last year didn’t really go so well, and as usual what I thought I’d want to be doing all year changed and morphed with every new shiny that tempted me 🙂

So this year I’m going to split the goals into quarters, and only set in stone the first quarter. I’ve got ideas of what I think I’d like to tackle later in the year, but giving myself the flexibility to change might help me actually achieve something in 2015.

So what’s in store for the first quarter?

First up is to play it painted at Smogcon. This will be my first year at Smogcon, and with it being the largest it’s ever been I’m looking forward to experiencing the closest thing Europe has seen to an American con. I’m not signing up to play in any of the formal competitions, instead I’m going to sit in on all the staff panels on Friday, play in a staff scramble on Saturday morning and then just hang out and grab some games in the smogpit.

While I’ve got plenty of beasts painted for my Legion the thing I’m lacking is both units and casters. I only have two of each fully painted! Units aren’t so bad but only playing two casters all weekend doesn’t sound that much fun to me. I only ever paint to a deadline, and with smogcon only 50 days away I better get cracking!

My second goal is to have one Guildball team painted by the end of March. This is dependent on them shipping in Jan as expected! I’ve played quite a few games of Guildball using the playtest rules since they came out, and my three local gaming buddies all bought into the kickstarter so there should be more games once the minis have shipped. From all the renders I’ve seen online this should be a lovely range of models, and if they build as well as the limited Boiler model I bought then I’ll be a very happy backer.

Looking further ahead I’m thinking it may go something like this.

Quarter Two. Paint the 15mm Indians from the War and Empire kickstarter and play some Impetus games.
Quarter Three. Paint a new Epic Army. Air Cav, Space Wolves or an Eldar craftworld maybe.
Quarter Four. WWII. Get the 15m project off the ground and play a game using the Battlegroup rules.

All seems so very easy on paper doesn’t it!


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