Guardians of Tyr, MK Hordes Tournament

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last weekend I attended my first Hordes event of 2015, a 35 point steamroller event run by the Guardians of Tyr at MK Wargames Workshop.

Sixteen players arrived on a chilly morning, and with the Exigence Legion of Everblight coin up for grabs five of those were rocking Legion!

I’d seen the entry list so any idea I might have had of winning the coin looked remote so I decided to run just one list and took pThags. I did this as I’ve only played a couple of games this year, and with the event being timed turns I didn’t want to spend all my turn reading cards for new casters, plus the list is fully painted too.

My list was :-

Spawning vessel

Game One – Joe – Retribution – Issyria – Destruction.

Game one I’m up against a caster that make her army ignore concealment etc. and a Hyperion colossal in a scenario with one big zone in the middle! Fun times I thought.

The game never went well for Joe, he missed feating on turn two, failed a ridiculous number of hit rolls turn 3 which allowed the scythean to blood bath off 6 infantry, and combined with the carny leave hyperion on 4 wounds!

Then I got a chance to live the mutagenissis assassination dream! pThags hit the poor fool stood by Issyria and teleported into place, nicely avoiding her admonition move. First rapture hit left her with 4 wounds, punch did nothing and the final bought rapture… missed! Damn, so close. Thags then put spinney growth on himself and hoped to live! Joe tried to work out a way to get hyperion away from both heavies without taking free strikes but couldn’t, and the remaining infantry couldn’t do enough to kill Thags, so he finished off Issyria with a single blow from rapture next turn.

So a round one Caster kill win.

Game Two – Glen – Retribution – eVyros – Incoming.

More Ret! Glen’s a local and we had managed to play one game this year, in which Glen used this list so I kinda knew what would happen once the synergy chain got going. We both setup committed pretty hard to our own zones, but Glen split his lights and sent two after my Scythean I’d ran forward pretty hard.

At the end of my second turn Glen has lost 3 lights so decided it was time to apply Imperatus to Thags face. Foolishly I’d left a big enough gap between my seraph and scythean for him to side step through, but I still felt pretty safe with the jack needing to spend two attacks on side steps before he could hit Thags, and I had three transfers. Also Vyross had to move to the edge of his zone, putting him about four inches from my Carni!

Suffice to say that Thags survived all Imperatus could throw at him, and the Carni wandered up to Vyross and finished him off.

Round two and I now had two caster kills!

Game Three – James – Legion – pVayl – Fire Support.

It was real nose bleed time as whoever won this game would end up on the top table battling it out for the top place. Even with this being a mirror match it’s been a really long time since I played vayl, and I only used her a couple of times. James was a much more experienced player with her!

Things looked quite good early on when I got a cheeky assault spray onto Vayl, but I had kinda forgotten about her ability to send half the damage to one of my beasts! In truth I was never really in the game and made a couple of key errors that allowed James to get a Scythean into Thags face and take him out.

So I was now two and one and out of the running for the title.

Game Four – Paul – Skorne – Mordikaar – Close Quarters

So the final game of the day say me up against Skorne, and a wall of infantry. I think by now my mind was slipping a bit as I made some errors and against an opponent the calibre of Paul you can’t afford to make many. In fact one is too many.

Even though I knew he had the ability to bring killed infantry back from the dead I never cast the scythean’s animus once, and for those that know that removes models from play so they couldn’t be brought back! This game was always going to be a grind as both casters moved to dominate their own flag, and plan to stop their opponent scoring. When time was called Paul had done a better job than me and he took the tie-breaker 4-3 on control points.

So two wins, two loses say me place eight out of sixteen, pretty good for my first event for while and with only a single list to every other players two.

Thanks to Ian from Guardians of Tyr for a smooth running event, all my opponents for fun games and the other players for a fun days gaming.

On to smogcon next and more casual games of WM/H


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