Q1 Half way check in.

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

So we are now over half way through Quarter One, and Smogcon is only one day away now I thought I’d have a quick recap on where I am with my pledge.

Play it painted at Smogcon is still my plan, and I have managed to increase the count of painted models… by 10! In truth I’d like that number to be closer to 20 but I’ve just not found the drive to get it done. Though with these additions I now have another unit painted, Strider Rangers and UA, and two more casters, Rhyas and Saeryn. I’ve also taken my percentage of painted models owned from 35% to 42%.

This gives me a choice of four casters for the weekend… and I’ll end up using pThagrosh most of the time no doubt!

News out of the Guild ball camp is that the final models have been cast and are on there way to them. They might just arrive in time for me to have a week to get one team painted. If not that pledge will slip in Quarter two.

A large box of 15mm goodies dropped through my door earlier this month, so my Quarter Two target is to get an Impetus force painted up ready for battle. Once Smogcon is all done and the dust has settled I’ll begin formulating a 400 point impetus force. Once that’s done I’ll need bases before I can get the Classical Indians underway.



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