Smogcon 2015… In conclusion

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

A week has passed since I arrived at the Radisson, not really knowing how I’d react to Smogcon. I expected to play a handful of games, chill out and take it all in. Which I did. All along I wanted to know how close an experience it was to an American con, something I’ve never experienced in the UK events I’ve attended.

Every one that I asked that had been to an American con said that Smogcon was bang on, and I loved it.

Had I wanted to go mad and game non-stop from Friday morning through to Sunday afternoon I could have, I’d be dead most likely but it was an option! Had I wanted to just amble about and watch games, chat and take in the staff panels I could have, and I’ve not have thought I’d wasted my entry fee despite never taking a model out of my case. The convention gave me the opportunity to make of it what I wanted.

I will say that all the above is from the point of view of a more casual gamer. I know there were teething issues with event sign up before the con, with some players maybe not getting exactly the event they wanted. However many of the events ran at less than full capacity, something that players may not have known at the time. This probably wasn’t helped by some of the rooms being away form the main info desk, the hotel had said they had a loop that would have allowed announcements to be broadcast to all the rooms, however this didn’t seem to be the case on the weekend, maybe next year!

Overall I’m more energised for WM/H than I have been for quite a while. Even the announcement of more gargantuans doesn’t put me off! To this point there have only been two events that are set in stone on my gaming calendar, Britcon and the Epic-UK GT. Smogcon is now firmly on that list, and I’d be disappointed if I were to miss out on a ticket for 2016.

Big thanks to Jon, the Smogcon team and all the Press ganger’s for giving up their time to put on the convention, the PP staff for adding that star sparkle, and everyone I played or chatted to over the weekend.

Bring on 2016 already!


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