Sometimes even the magpies eye stops wandering.

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

As anyone that has followed my irregular blogging will have seen a pattern. I tend to bounce around from game to game, rarely playing one game more than once or twice a month. Now I don’t always get distracted by the latest shiny hotness, I have plenty of older games and rules that I enjoy getting to the table every now and then, but they don’t stick around long.

Every so often a game comes along that does see lots of repeat play, and dominates my gaming for a long period of time. So far only three games have fitted that bill.

Epic Armageddon was the first game to really lock me into a game. Epic 2nd Edition was the first tabletop game I played regulary, I’d been a role player more before that. So when I found Epic A at Salute 2007 (I think) I was hooked. And what a game it proved to be, and still is. Between 2008-9 I must have averaged nearly one game of epic every week, more if you factored in tournaments. I even built up a local player base of eight at it’s peak in MK. These days I have two players I could coax to get a game, but I tend to get my fix at tournaments these days. The UK Epic gaming community is really a geographical diverse club. I go for the social aspect as much as the game these days, but don’t get me wrong Epic has a special place in my gaming heart, and will till I role my last dice I suspect.

The next game that joined Epic as a staple in my gaming cycle was Hordes, and Legion of Everblight especially. I still think the Carnivean is one of my favourite models ever. Hordes appealed as it was, initially, a low model count skirmish game. The models hooked me more than the rules, but it’s the tight rules that keep me playing the game. I’ve attending some larger events, but honestly I prefer the smaller, local events as I really don’t want to spend the time to become truly tournament competent. I’m happy with a 50/50 result, or one win at higher level events. I think PP continue to keep the game fairly balanced, but it has become a massive game, with endless options for all the factions. I’ve dabbled in Warmachine three times, each time the force hit ebay not long after starting. Honestly I’m happy with the Blighted Legion, though another hordes faction could happen I guess…

Which brings me to the latest game to join the list, and that is Guild Ball. I’ve been playing the game, in it’s beta version, since rules appeared on-line. I pledged to the kickstarter very early, and pushed it on my local gaming group pretty hard and they all signed on too, and no one has regretted that decision yet.

The game play is super quick, with easy to learn and teach rules. However don’t let that fool you, the game will have you thinking about all the options you have each time a model activates at the table, and later in bed as you mull over what you could have done. Every activation counts, and what you do will have a direct impact on the game.

The models are great, and in metal too! Now I know many gamers these days prefer hard plastic, but what can I say I’m old and I just enjoy the heft of a metal mini 😀

Epic was the first game that I got involved in supporting more than just playing. I remain a member of the Epic-UK team, though I no longer play test lists. I did dabble with applying to be a press ganger but never did, I only have one faction and currently I don’t even have a Lylyth painted so couldn’t qualify. Yesterday my application to be a pundit for Guild Ball got sent in.

So that cements things, Guild Ball has joined my list of permanent games, and I can’t be happier with that decision.

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