The Alchemist Formula – Midas

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well, I did write it after all 😉

The Wargaming Bear

That lovely other Dave has gone and started the Alchemist Formula posts for me, Good Dave

It’s time to take peek into the lab and see what the Alchemists have cooked up… what do you mean only the Bear can do cheesy intros!

As ever lets start out with the Captain for the team, Midas.


Midas’s stats pretty much give you the idea that he is more about agility than brute force, higher than average MOV, good long KICK with high-end DEF and no ARM. He has a higher than normal max INF, with the standard captain level TAC.

Character Traits

Light Footed – To keep with the fast and not so furious trait rough-ground is no impediment to Midas.

Unpredictable Movement –Advance into Midas’s melee range and he can skip away (dodge 2″) once per turn, just to make him even harder to pin down.

Heroic Play


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