2015 – Errrr… is it over already!?

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

So… that was 2015 apparently!

This blog has pretty much died, and to be honest outside playing games so did my hobby largely this year. I can boast no completed projects in 2015, even though I’ve started more than one. Change of job has kept me busier than in previous years, but even so it has been a lack lustre year for painting enthusiasm.

So my plans for 2015 were to set myself quarterly goals. That seemed such a good idea, and I even met half of those I set in Q1!. That goal was to play painted and Smogcon, and I did this. OK, I only played a handful of games, but I used only painted models. I’m going to carry this on for the Smogcon in 2016, and I will paint at least one more new caster to use at the event, and not take pThag’s as I’ll just end up playing him for another year.

The other goal was to paint a guildball team. When you consider how much I’ve played this game in 2015, and it’s plenty, at least two games a month, and probably more, my alchemist remain half painted, and my fishermen remain in the packets they came in as part of the kickstarter! The issue could be that I’ve yet to attend a Guildball tournament, this will change in late Jan so I hope the tournament guilt will get at least one team finished before then.

The Q2-4 goals had things like 15mm Ancient Indians, that are still in bags. A new epic army, that are still in blisters/spare boxes. 10mm WWII for Battlegroup. Well I bought some more models, but they are still on sprue’s and the Para’s are still under-coated. So lets just agree that’s an epic fail and move on!

In positive news I did clear out all my 6mm WWII and Modern stuff, so I did only have WWII in one scale… until I won a voucher for Goblin Gaming on twitter and suddenly a 28mm USMC force for Bolt Action kinda arrived at my house (Props to Goblin Gaming, they had the BA stuff on at a great price and shipped it super super quick). I’ve even glued some of the metals to bases and under-coated them!

I’ve not played that many different games this year. It’s been mainly Guildball, EpicA and Hordes. There is talk locally of some Frostgrave but my local friends are in the ‘only play it painted’ brigade so I twiddle my thumbs as I’m going to use Legion figures for my warband, and they are painted 🙂

So that was 2015, I had lots of fun at various events. Smogcon was great at the large scale, Britcon was the marathon gaming event it always is, and the Epic-GT was the great round out to the year it always is.

So onwards and upwards in 2016, hopefully with more paint 😉


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