Next on the resolution trail.

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

So in the last post I committed myself to painting more minis than I have in ages, so here is the next idea I have for 2016.

If it’s painted, play it.

Now this isn’t a pledge to only play with painted models, that’s something I’ll never sign up to. What I’m saying here is that I have painted models that tend to sit on shelves and in boxes, and don’t get used that often.

Time for that to change.

So I actually have painted forces for four games by my reckoning. Epic A, Hordes, Blood Bowl and Malifaux. The first two do get plenty of play each year, the later two didn’t see play last year at all. So this year that should change.

To that end I actually took Malifaux to the first game night at my LGS. I played a 45 soulstone game against a newer player and it was fun. I got enough rules right, only had to turn to my local henchmen Dave B on a few occasions, though I did miss remember the card shuffle mechanic, a hold over from Relic Knights it turned out. Maybe McMourning isn’t totally newbie friendly but my opponent went off to look at new models for his guild after the game so no harm done!

I’m also signed up for a tournament to be held at the new Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. Twenty odd players are signed up so a good chance I can double my supply of Malifaux tournament spoons.

Now this may end up being all the Malifaux I play all year, but at least the models saw so table time this year.

I’ll be looking for a one day BB tournament in the local area at some point later in the year I think, or a two day if it’s super near.


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