Gaming like it’s 1982

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Odd title? Well on Wednesday I did something that I started to do regularly back in 1982.

That’s right I played D&D 😉

I picked up 5th ed PHB, DMG and MM back in March with some birthday vouchers. I skim read them, liked how they looked as they rules are much more akin to 1st or 2nd ed, the version I played most. I hadn’t really connected with the one game of 4th ed I played back in 2014 (I think it was 2014… could have been 13!). Then I put them on the shelf as I fully expected never to play them.

Then twitter came to the rescue. A random tweet gained momentum, and before you know it there were seven people looking to play. I grasped the nettle and volunteered to run the game, and then didn’t let the players off the hook and hounded them to get characters created.

Now it should be said the game is being played over the ‘net. We are using good old Skype for voice, and the excellent Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop for the game. I have to say the implementation of 5th ed on FG is great. I know I’m not the greatest DM, so I went and downloaded one of the official modules that has been created for FG, and I’m really glad I did this.

All the encounters are ready to be dropped into the combat tracker, with their icons added on the maps ready to fight with the PC’s. So much of the admin is a simple case of dragging and dropping links into the correct areas and pressing a button. Super clean and easy.

FG also makes playing the game a blast. It knows the rules of D&D 5th ed, so it add’s bonuses auto magically. It makes combat a blast and runs super smoothly. With the PHB module added in character generation was super easy, with most people done in less than forty minutes.

The game itself went pretty well I think, all the players say they enjoyed it. I was a bit rusty with dm’ing, it’s not something I would ever say I was good at. I played much more than ran games back when I was role playing regularly. Naturally the party didn’t quite go in the direction I expected, but I managed not to kill any of them in the first session, though it was touch a go a couple of time!

Hopefully everyone will reconvene on-line in a fortnight and the tale will continue to grow.


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