Troubleshooters, a Malifaux tale

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

So yesterday I put my ‘If it’s painted play it’ resolution to the test and headed up to Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry (and if you haven’t paid them a visit you really should, great new gaming venue) to take part in Troubleshooters.

This was to be a three game event, with a fixed master and seventy soul stone pool from which to pick your crew.

I went with McMourning with Moonlighting, Plastic Surgery and Evidence Tampering upgrades, Sebastian with Transfusion upgrade, three Guild Autopsy, three Punk Zombies, Two Canine remains, Two Rotten Belles. a Nurse and the zombie chihuahua.

I had a game last Monday to get my eye back into Malifaux, and I knew that the crew would basically beat people up and throw poison around to assist where necessary.

Game One. Tim Brown. Lilith
Tim and I were club mates for a number of years, but we never really played that often. I made mistakes in my choice of schemes, picking one that was very hard for me to gain points via. Tim did a good job controlling the strategy so I ended up with a 5-9 loss. That said I had lined up a nice play only for Seb to black joker his attempt to transfuse 5 poison to a mature nephilim, and that could have made a difference. Still fun game, and reminded me to focus on strats/shcemes and not killing.

Game Two. Gary Burgess. Von Schill.
As this was a stand in the middle game I went with three punk zombies and it paid off. I did think it was looking grim when I miss played McM and got him killed, but by then nearly all my stuff was in the middle and Gary just didn’t have enough stuff left to stop me scoring the maximum 10 points. So a win, and my expectations for how many games I’d win fulfilled. Another fun game, and a reminder that losing your master isn’t always the worst thing in Malifaux.

Game Three. Keith Watson. Marcus.
Mid way through this game I thought I had no chance of winning. Keith had summoned lot’s of extra models, and seemed to be able to generate them at will, some of the them big ass models! So I just concentrated on getting my schemes, scoring max for both again. We both limited each others chance to score points of the strat so I edge the game with 9 points. A second win! Another fun game and one that reminded me to never give up on game, no matter how grim you think the table looks at any point.

So overall I finished tenth out of twenty four, which was much better than I’d expected!

Thanks to all my opponents, and Dave Brown, the ever busy henchman for running another great event.


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