#WAAC ing the Hunters

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

As ever get donating everyone

The Wargaming Bear


Hello to everyone, I have something really exciting to share. But first the plug, in 2014 I lost my Mum to Cancer, the MacMillan Nurses were amazing in looking after my Mum but also my Dad and I wanted to give back to them. So the First Year we raised over £8000 so it was worth doing again and Last Year he hit over £4000 over the year. This year I have a Humble total of £2000 to hit £15000 overall!!!

So please if you want to help with a donation, run an event, raffle some models please let me know 🙂

Now for the exciting bit, the amazing guys at Steamforge (Mr Loxam is a God 😉 among men) have agreed to let me raffle off a full 6 man Hunters team which the postal service allowing will be with the winner on the Friday before Salute!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately for…

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