So Autumn….

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Really, Feb was the last post….. whoops!

It has actually been a reasonably busy gaming wise since the last update. I’ve played plenty of Guildball, both at events and casually at home. Played some mk III warmachine, both with Legion and started to dabble a bit in warmachine as I picked up a Retribution starter. Played some Epic, both at the Tanelorn club and at Britcon, still my favourite event, thought Smogcon comes close now.

Recently local gamer Boomer and I sparked the WWII interest and we are four games into learning the Battlegroup rules, using the Overlord book to fight battles in Normandy.

I’ve owned the rules since they came out after the demise of Warhammer Historical ended the Kampfgruppe Normandy rules. They combine fast play with plenty of depth to give a really good feel for combined arms conflict on the table top. Lots of fun and a campaign based around the capture of Caen is on the cards.

Painting wise it’s not been good when I consider the 183 in 365 challenge. I’m currently sitting at 38 new models painted. So way behind.

That said the latest ten men are one section of Para’s for WWII. I’m playing this in 15mm to they painted up pretty quickly, and as I’ve finally unboxed and undercoated the Infantry company I had from Plastic Soldier company, that number could grow rapidly. Could, yes I know me and painting. I am really enjoying the game though, I’m building models I’ve had in boxes for years and want to get them on the table.

So watch this space, hope to blog much more regularly. Yeah, yeah…. said that before!


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