When the fizz is gone…

Posted: August 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

A week or two back I tweeted that I was pretty much done with Guild ball. Some people queried why, so I answered in the 140 characters I was allowed. Now here is the longer more winding response.

I’m sure I’m  not alone in experiencing what I shall call fizz at the end of a game or tournament. It’s the mind running at 100 mph with all the what if’s, how do I do better, what can I buy thoughts that gaming inspires.

After most games, win, lose or draw, I experience that fizz. I review the game, what worked and what didn’t. The what might have been had I played things differently and what I should do next time I encounter similar decision points.

After tournament weekends I spend a lot of time considering new options for units and armies. If I have companions on the journey home the discussions generally follow the same pattern, games are discussed, tactics dissected and new directions speculated upon.

This hasn’t been happening for me with Guild Ball for a while now.

I’ve been playing Guild Ball since the Kickstarter. I probably started playing beta games back in April 2013, and haven’t really stopped since.

Recently I’ve been playing in a league , and I switched guilds to union to take a break from the Alchemists I’ve played pretty solidly since the Kickstarter shipped. I thought regular games would spur me on to paint enough to use them at an event.

It started out well, the first two games I played I tinkered with my line up, built the few models I hadn’t and undercoated them all. Some even progressed to base layers. I did manage to paint the mascot coin, but even that model isn’t based properly yet.

I also found myself just using the same line up repeatedly. I would play, have fun, and put the stuff back in the case. No thoughts of what next, no opening of the app and considering alternative builds. No fizz.

The slide back towards 40K probably hasn’t helped, as my theory gaming time seems to have become split between that and Warmachine/Hordes. I am regularly tinkering with lists for both, and building models.

All that said there was a final nail in the coffin, it was the latest model errata for Guild ball.

I can’t quite put my finger on why this is the case, but it is. I’m sure many would say it’s the Midas changes, but he changes every errata so having to relearn Midas every time is the norm. Until recently I hadn’t even played Midas in season three. Having done so he probably was a bit too good, but then again so are plenty of players. Blackheart is every bit as good at scoring as Midas, probably generating more momentum along the way too.

Another thing that struck me was that the errata came out of left field. Now I haven’t been keeping current with the goings on of Guild Ball, so I thought I might has missed some news. Having asked other players that are more engaged they seemed to say it wasn’t really announced, more hinted at. This feels strange for a company that has always been very upfront, and not inline with most other mini companies these days, even the big elephant in the room.

So I have one more game of Guild Ball arranged, ironically the playoff final for our local league. I should be pushing to get the team painted for that, but I already know that both WM/H or 40K models will see time on the painting table before they do.

It’s very odd, when you go flat on a game that you frothed over just a short time ago. Still I think it’s best to put the models on the shelf, turn towards the new shinny and move forward.

Guild Ball’s time in the sun will return to me at some point I’m sure, when that will be, only time will.

See, I can’t even find a bit of fizz to pep up the end of this post!


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