Britcon 2017

Posted: August 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

The weekend just gone featured my favourite watgammimg weekend each year, Britcon.

Six games, over three days with armies at four thousand points is what makes this event the marathon of EpicA tournaments. Couple that with four EpicUK champions in a field of eight and you have a tough weekend of games.

I took my tyranids once more, and my list can be seen here –

The list did feel an activation light, but with my BTS Dominatrix swarm being fifteen DC strong I felt it fairly save against most armies, if played sensibly.

With eight players we play round robin, with one round removed. Players are ranked on championship standings and the 1v8 round removed. It seems to work and makes sure there are no duplicate match ups if we used Swiss.

once the lists were in I was pretty happy that my seeding meant I wouldn’t play Tim with Necrons. I struggle with nids v crons!

My games were :-

Round One – Steve with Ulthwe – Draw
This game was pretty cagey, I basically ran my BTS forward and hid it on a take and hold objective. I did get lucky in an assault I had no right winning, and criticaled the second vampire full of guardians. There wasn’t enough activation’s left on either side to claim a victory.

Round Two – Joe with Codex Marines – Loss
This game began a run of legendary assaults by my genestealer units. Mid turn one Joe flew in some terminators to firefight one genestealer formation, they shot, didn’t kill anything and promptly lost the combat roll off by two! So one dead thunderhawk and one dead Terminator. Still Joe played very well, and left me no way back from a 2-1 loss.

Round Three – Glyn with AMTL – Win
Glyn made two rather crucial errors in this game. First he elected to play corners. I understand he wanted to take advantage of his massive gun range advantage, but in truth I was never going to push hard at his titans. Nids have only one TK weapon in the game, and it wasn’t in my list. The genestealers did some more heroics, they assaulted one Warlord Titan, managing two wounds and critical, sadly the titan survived. The other error was costly for  Glyn, when in turn four he moved his blitz guard titan off the blitz to shoot at my small dominatrix formation. Unfortunately he missed I had a harridan yet to activate, who marched to claim his blitz and win me the game.

Round Four – Tom with Blood Angels – Win
Game four at Britcon is the toughest game mentally. It’s been a long day and it’s easy to make mistakes in this game. So it was in this game. Tom and I moved around the board cautiously, both taking damage and dishing it out. Tom landed a thunderhawk to make sure I didn’t win on turn three, but for some reason didn’t repeat this in turn four, gifting me a win by not contesting his blitz or take and hold objectives.

Round Five – Mike with Krieg – Draw
I hate Krieg, a rolling wall of super heavy transport and a sea of infantry. After trivially removing both my harridans I saw no way back for me in the game so I went ultra defensive, and this looked doomed as turn three ground out. The only saving grace was I got to go first turn four and managed to smash the hammer blow assault that was coming in before Mike got to use it. So a rare draw for me v Krieg.

Round Six – Richard with Tau – Loss
So my genestealers went mental in this game, they won at least three engagements when they got to throw no dice! Still Richard stuck to his task and slowly dismantled my army so he could take a deserved 2-0 victory in four turns. Tau are a tough match as they have the AT firepower to take down the nid war engines and the AP shooting to remove the swarms at will.

After the dust settled I came in fifth, which I’m happy with.

Six really fun, tough games of Epic A over the weekend. I still rank Britcon as my favorite event of the year.

And yes, plenty of fizz as I spent my journey home plotting new lists and new armies, so all is good in the Epic world.


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