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Posted: May 22, 2012 in Cranfield Conquerors, Mordheim

Last night saw the first evening of the casual Mordheim campaign at Cranfield Conquerors.

I played 2 games. The first was a demo game vs Tim. My rats faced up to Innskip’s Reiklanders and in a crazy game the rats managed to win, having passed about 4 bottle tests to stay in the fight. Highlight of the game was Tim taking out two rats with one crossbow bolt! We play with the expanded critical charts so the bolt hit a verminkin, ricochet into my black skaven resulting in a Master shot!

So with that game done I moved on to play Copp in the first game counting to towards the campaing.

I was running my Skree Seekers warband of :-

Assassin Adept, Black Skaven, 2 x Night Runners, 3 x Verminkin with sword and shield and 3 x Verminkin with spear and shield

Copp is running Undead with

Vampire, Necromancer, 3 Dregs, 2 Zombies, 2 Ghouls and 2 Dire Wolves.

We rolled up Occupy as the scenario and we ended up with 3 buildings to contest. This game is played over 8 turns and not bottle tests are taken.

It was looking good turn 5. I’d lost one verminkin to 2 dire wolves and 1 dreg, then it went downhill when the vampire decided to start wounding my models! By the end of turn 8 Copp won the game with one building claimed and 2 contested.

The injury rolls were pretty kind, Of the 6 I needed to dice for I only lost one verminkin and one night runner dropped a point of WS. As I use them primarily as slingers that’s no loss, and skill up should help them long term.

Skill wise my black skaven managed to skill up and gained… +1 Init. Which was a bit of disappointment when he is I5 to start. My shard hunting raised enough cash to hire a replacement verminkin so I go into the next game back to full strength.

I do like the occasional bit of Mordheim, its a fun little game and easy enough to get 2 games in a normal club night. Looking forward to the next time.


Posted: February 14, 2012 in Cranfield Conquerors, Hordes, Warmachine

Last night was a chance to get the legion out and play some hordes.

I decided I’d take Kallus, legions newest caster out for a spin having only tried him once at a casual event and not doing that well.

Played 35 points vs Copp’s Cygnar run by Siege. Have to say everything went pretty much to plan with legionaries running for 2 turns then getting killed to become incubi during Copp’s turn 2. Siege was on fire from turn 2 onwards thanks to the Ravagore and a lucky scatter. Turns 3 and 4 settled the game as the incubi and warmongers pretty much battered everything in combat thanks to dark guidance.

Definately going to play Kallus some more, and may pair him with Bethayne for any steam roller events I go to…assuming I get around to putting her and Belphagore together!


Posted: January 24, 2012 in Cranfield Conquerors, Epic Armageddon, Epic UK

Last night saw my first EpicA game of the year.

With Epic-UK’s Full Scale Assault only 2 weeks away Erin wanted a warm up game as he will be attending a tournament for the first time. So my tourney nid list matched up against his list for the event, it being Codex Marines….not lists to keep some secrets prior to the event 🙂

The game went pretty well for the nids. Erin was probably a little too cautious and never really used his mobility to its best effect, the thunderhawk was empty all game. With both warhounds broken and out of the fight, and his supreme commander formation wiped out in a nasty engagement the game was never going to end too well and I took it 3-0 in 3 turns. Still I think Erin learnt some stuff!