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So when I got Kampfgruppe Normandy I showed it to two sets of gaming friends… and they picked different scales!

So I’m now collecting a German force in 20mm. Fortunately the Plastic Soldier Company make this financially viable 🙂

I’ve put some test infantry together and now I’ve assembled my first Panzer. Just like the 15mm Sherman the kit went together really easily and looks pretty good to me. So 2 more to build then I can think about paint.

When I got into Kampfgruppe Normandy there was some debate about what scale to go for… and I’ve ended up with 2 groups doing different scales!

For 15mm I’ve chosen to do British Para’s, but they get support from Tank Regiments like all the other lists, just a bit more limited so a box of Shermans from the Plastic Soldier Company seem to fit the bill rather nicely

You get five of the sprues below, and each can be either a normal Sherman or Firefly.

The sprue

So far I’ve only built one of the kits, but it was a pretty easy build and I think looks pretty good.

So 5 more to build as I got a special deal for pre-ordering the kits at Salute and gained a bonus sprue.

Mark and I played the intro scenario for KGN last night and managed to play through it twice.

First time my tanks moved head on into the face of the german defenders and died really quickly! My infantry then spent a long time hanging on before they finally had to admit defeat.

Second game was going better as I managed to remove both German tanks for only the loss of one Sherman. Much better flanking move….unfortunately the German mmg’s were rather too good at killing my troops while only attempting to suppress them forced me to draw morale chits and I picked all the high numbers and once again had to retire from the battlefield.

Have to say I like the way the rules play, limited activations per turn make you think what you have to do, unit morale works well and the semi random nature of battlegroup morale is good to.

We may have been a little generous on the lines of site in the game and some more terrain would probably help things but definitely a game to play on a regular basis.

Next up is the start of Season III for my Khemri in the Daventry Vaulters league. Promotion to Division One this year so its serious stuff 🙂